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Boost your team’s advanced data science capability. Data science is evolving all the time. Everyone can gain from learning more about how to effectively analyse data.

R & python

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R and python are open source statistical programming languages and software environments. They're free and, by the nature of the open source paradigm, constantly evolving with the many advances in machine learning and data visualisation. Both are the workhorses of data science and business analytics today.

We offer a range of R and python training programs. We'll take your team from the basics of installation and getting started to cloud-based advanced statistical modelling, data visualisation and building applications. We can help your team advance from Excel-based analysis or migrate your procedures from SAS.

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Data Science & Statistics

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We create tailored courses to help fast track your team towards becoming proficient, useful data analysts.

You can get a lot done with a handful of skills. For some companies, Excel, basic statistics and some best-practice first principles is sufficient. With these in place you can begin to answer questions like: what will our sales look like over the coming months / years? What decisions should we make off the back of this survey? How do sales conversion rates compare across the company?

Data Science is a popular catch-all term for a bunch of advanced analytical methods. We help build teams of data scientists, equipped with the skills needed to fully utilise your company's data asset. We take business analysts to the next step, combining technical training in R and python with theoretical teaching in statistics and machine learning. Most importantly, we train analysts that solve problems and add value.