Our experienced data scientists help organisations integrate statistics and machine learning.

We simplify and solve data problems.

Predictive Modelling

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can deliver huge value to companies.

From automated customer product recommendations, to crop yield predictions, to intricate segmentation analysis. The potential is huge.


Case Studies

  • Article recommendation systems for a large digital publisher

  • Predicting loan defaults

  • Sentiment analysis of influencer follower comments on Instagram posts

  • Pricing optimisation for a large industrial parts manufacturer

Web apps, dashboards and visualisation

Data comes alive with visualisation.

Dynamic, interactive data web apps help users, both technical and non-technical, to draw out stories and insights from their data.

Tailored dashboards, with a clearly defined user journeys nearly always beat generic off-the-shelf dashboard products.

We build custom web apps built exactly the required specification of our clients.


Case Studies

  • Article topic explorer, helping insights team understand user behaviour on the client website to improve ad targeting

  • Scenario planner for planning digital marketing campaigns

  • Forecasting tool for predicting customer demand given economic and meteoric indicators

  • Maps to explore user demand across the world

Statistical modelling & Econometrics

Modelling allows you to explain the causal impact of different factors on KPI outcomes. 

Rigorous statistical analysis enables you to understand how marketing investments or price changes are affecting sales, profit or web conversions, for example. It allows you to quantify the return on investment.

Case Studies

  • Marketing mix modelling to get the ROI of media spend

  • Price elasticity analysis to optimise pricing strategy

  • Forecasting the impact of seasonality on sales

  • Assessing the impact of changes to your website on conversion rates

Bayesian Modelling

We are big fans of Bayesian approaches to business intelligence problems.

We have provided training and consulting projects to clients who want to introduce Bayesian methodologies into their existing analytics pipeline.

DS Analytics helped with one of our most high profile strategic projects that used complex Bayesian analytics algorithms. We were very impressed with the technical depth and clarity that they brought into the project and it was an absolute pleasure working with them. Highly recommended.
— Ayan Kar, Head of Analytics EMEA, Essence